sábado, 1 de março de 2008

I was touched by a poem in the 1998, number 3 issue (of the American-Portuguese Genealogical Society), titled "A MINHA MÃE, NATURAL DE BRUGES". The Flemish title being "IK BEN TROTS" (I am proud). The poem came from a book by Dr. A Vandewalle, "AZOREN,
VLAEMSCHE EYLANDEN" (Azores, Flemish Islands).
This is what it said in Flemish:


To my mother, born in Bruges
I am proud, Mother, to be your son,
Proud that my cradle stood here, on these Azores,
These Flemish Islands which delivered praise
To a people of daring seafarers.
I am proud of loving your fatherland
As if it was mine, believe me...
I am Portuguese and Flemish, without breaking
With the love whom I, cherish for my land of birth

Martin Verhaeg, em post na Rootsweb
Fonte da imagem: goeurope.about.com

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